Services We offer:

  • Elevators – we conduct elevator and escalator accident investigations.
  • Heating – we conduct Electric Process Heating design, and analysis.
  • Occupational Health – we conduct Occupational Health & Safety Program Quality Improvements; we prepare Employee and Supervisor Health and Safety Booklets; we conduct Occupational Health & Safety Program Audits – a template program is available for sale.
  • Technical Investigations - the kinds of electrical/mechanical equipment that we are qualified to perform technical investigations on are as follows: air conditioners; pumps; fans; pools and spas; power saws; floor cleaners; refrigerators/freezers; hair dryers; ovens/ranges; lawn equipment, power drills; personal hygiene; coffee makers; dishwashers; electric space heating equipment; office and data processing equipment; electro medical and laboratory test equipment; telephone exchange equipment, elevator control equipment; power transformers and power distribution equipment; printing presses, cutting and crease presses, welding equipment, garage door openers, saw mill & pulp mill equipment, lighting equipment, fire alarm panels, heat tracing cables, motors,  temperature controllers, and clothes dryers.
  • Expert Witnessing- we have given expert testimony in the supreme court of British Columbia as a Senior Electrical Safety Engineer. We have 40 years of experience in preparing expert technical reports for use by lawyers in negotiating settlements outside of the court rooms in Canada, and the USA.
  • Product – we provide Applied Product Liability Engineering Counseling for Manufacturers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
  • Forensic Engineering – we conduct Electrical Forensic Engineering for electrical accidents and personal injury claims.
  • Conduct CSA Z462 Arc Flash Protection, Risk Assessments, and Lock-out Studies